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On the way to publicity

Clues were laid down, at small local live concerts with subtle playback tracks, by placing tapes (yes, in the late 80s/early 90s they were still around, with the waste paper baskets of appropriate music editors being lined with tapes put together with so much love). Nobody could imagine ‘burning a CD’ at that time. Fed up with receiving rejections from producers, we could only see one way out; to become almost the ‘best unknown band in the world’ (quote from F. O.) at the time by sending a tape to Austria's answer to John Peel,  Austrian radio's Ö3 pope of subversion Ö3-Subversionspapst Fritz Ostermeyer. The result was to be played during Ö3's ‘Music Box’ air time, accompanied by Ostermeyer's enthusiastic commentary. Fans began to demand CDs, but we could only send tapes, as quick reports sent to record companies went unanswered.

This was followed by an invitation to visit the Ö3 studios. An interview by Fritz O was to have been recorded. The journey to Vienna, though, ended in a minor fiasco, a road accident near the broadcasting studios. We arrived too late for the interview and we were just left with Ostermeyer's offer: to interview each other and tape a broadcast. (Time-scale: one hour!) Both Drifters decided to do it in style and tried to do the job as radio editors and commentators on the pop scene would have done. (Drifterradio - still worth a listen).

It was intended to have a CD produced in tandem. A cheap supplier based in Canada delivered a first batch of 1,000, half of which we could then sell. The remainder is gathering dust in an unused garage, for which the key got lost somewhere,  Rim of the night - the title of the CD is probably a play on the times of day when production occurred at the recording sessions, held on average every three weeks in the little home-based studio in Langenrain on the Bodanrück Peninsula. «Lonely Drifting on the northern edges of the Alps», Südkurier vom 28. November 1996 

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