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First songs

The first songs, inspired by the sounds of the 80s, came about on the four track machine through a basal beat box recording (e.g. Far city, inspired by F's stay in California at UCLA, soon to be re-released).

As our amount of equipment increased, so did the demands we placed on the songs and the number of recording sessions per song shot up. Recording layers were built up and down, cracks and fractures occurred: The song-writing side (coming under the responsibility of F) reacted to this technique of the drifting song arrangement with a corresponding poetic method. This procedure, love of geology (the home of both musicians is after all situated on the northern edge of the Alps in a drift zone of plate tectonics) and certain transatlantic inquiries provided the stimulus for awarding ourselves our first name:


A name which stood for:

• Processes running as under a microscope and subject to ‘delay’ with unexpected interruptions,

• Journeying through the world and day dreams.

A dash of jaunty pathos probably played a role as well - in the sense of «It is true people do not know us, but they are on our trail».

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