The sound of Wonderlake
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As fate would have it, H's life model at that time was F's girlfriend and so it came about that both Wonderlakers started swapping ideas about art and other matters.

It soon became clear that both of us (already in our mid-30s at that time) were still chasing after the pop dream of our youth and were developing this further in the sense of an extended adolescence. Holländer had after all been a member of several bands and had come to the decision, after going through the experience of some live appearances, that he would never set foot over the threshold of a practice cellar again, whether dry or damp, especially after the control of a mixing desk had had more of an effect on him, and working in a studio seemed to him to be more creative and not dependent on space or time.

Fuhrmann, with little experience of appearing live and some dabbling in song writing under his belt, rapidly joined in with this project in the realm of virtual large-scale fantasies.

We had succeeded in getting on board the 'Pop' spaceship.

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