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Aspects of work making songs

As both musicians are otherwise fully engaged in the ‘business life’ of their professions, this by-product of their creative work can only come about within a limited time frame, especially as a further limitation is imposed by the time taken up by the discussions taking place before the actual session has begun and in which the musical claims are carefully sounded out and defined.

Notes about ‘aspects of work’ in making songs

Song writing:

Endless repetitions and changes of initially phonetic and then poetic ‘mantras’, which are to be poured into a sensual form.


Endless recordings which are to hit the sound, the right feeling, the groove ever more precisely - vocal exertions.


Repeated listening and setting of the same music loops again and again when mixing and arranging to get the right balance. All of this finally culminates in an annual production of three to four songs.

When they are asked whether they are pursuing am exciting hobby, they both have no idea what the person is talking about. Having a musical hobby in the same way some people play with model railways - no, far too much of their own passion and identity goes into it to compare it with that. You could say a sort of plane of existence which you have to enter now and again so as to realise yourself fully. Model railway builders, though, would claim the same - the two withdraw this sentence shame-facedly and send a greeting to Neil Young, a railway fan, in his hobby den in Nevada.

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